Undulating surfaces or dimensional features, rough edges, or textured surfaces are things that come to mind when we’re talking Artisan-Look Tile, but this robust tile category goes so much further! From seashells to the quintessential 3×12″ subway, add some character to your space at a fraction of the cost of authentic handmade tile.

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Ceramic flooring with accent lines for design

Afromosia by Coem

Carriere by Kronos

CH10 Eternal by Jeffrey Court

CH14 The Press by Jeffrey Court

CH15 Classic Statuario by Jeffrey Court

CH16 Park Place by Jeffrey Court

CH18 Rotunda by Jeffrey Court

CH5 Modern Mixer by Jeffrey Court

CH6 Reef Glass by Jeffrey Court

Cosmo by 41zero42

French Parquet by Marble Systems

Glazed Herringbone Mosaics by Nemo

Glazed Hexagon Mosaics by Nemo

Glazed Pennyround Mosaics by Nemo

Glazed Stack Mosaics by Nemo

Glazes by Encore

Heritage by Fioranese

Hexa by Terratinta

Huron by American Glass Mosaics

Lumina Stone by Fap

Made to Order by Wizard

Marmoker by Casalgrande

Marmorea by Fioranese

Marmorea2 by Fioranese

Overclay by Marca Corona

Pool by Jeffrey Court

Sound of Marbles by Fioranese

Spec09 by Jeffrey Court

Specialty Brick by Jeffrey Court

Superior by American Glass Mosaics

Venice by Nova Bell

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