Unicolor by Villi Glass

The complete color offerings from Villi Glass USA.

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Collection Overview

Shiny, smooth, brilliant and reflective, our Unicolor Glossy tiles will bounce light back from any source with a unique depth created by the subtle texture on the base of the tile – created by our patented production method. The variety of sizes and shapes gives you unlimited flexibility to design a brilliant statement at any scale. Villi products maintain industry standards for safe use in wet and dry applications. To ensure even higher levels of skid resistance, we have introduced a line of products with a granular surface for use in damp rooms. Coated with fine corundum powder, which is fused with the glass surface, the glass maintains its transparency while being skid-resistant.


0001 Bright White, 0002 Pergamon, 0003 Florence Brown, 0004 Hazelnut, 0006 Cotto, 0007 Chocolate, 0008 Mocca, 0009 Black, 0010 Royal Blue, 0011 Steel Blue, 0012 Blue Sky, 0013 Shining Blue, 0014 Surf, 0015 Ice, 0016 Blue Cloud, 0017 Turquoise, 0018 Venice Blue, 0020 Emerald, 0021 Green Olive, 0022 Highland Green, 0023 Grey Stone, 0024 Clear Grey, 0025 Manhattan, 0026 London Blue, 0027 Dark Grey, 0028 Amethyst, 0029 Burgundy, 0030 Red, 0031 Orange, 0032 Mandarin, 0033 Corn, 0034 Lime, 0035 Champagne, 0041 Silver Grey, 0043 Nude, 0044 Lavender, 0045 Berry Red, 0046 Lemon Grass, 0047 Sugar Rose, 0050 Anthracite, 0060 Smokey Taupe


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