Specialty Mosaics by Villi Glass

Available in all 43 Unicolors.

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Collection Overview

River Mosaics: Our most intriguing specialty design – River Puzzle – gives you the visual impression of walking on water, or air, or delicately shattered glass. Absolutely brilliant and stunning when installed, this unique utilization of structured, patterned yet random glass pieces will give your space a definitive focal point and statement. Baby River: Even more delicate than River Puzzle – Baby River uses even smaller glass pieces, each carefully polished and formed to provide amazing visual impact and functionality. It is often used as a trim or border for River Puzzle installations but can also be used on its own. Diamond: Villi’s most intricate and delicate mosaic – brilliant bright white in glossy and matte – honed to perfection in this dazzling pattern. Diamond Mix: Our uniquely shaped, geometric diamond is available in mosaic patterns in brilliant colors and mixes. Sized to be installed and enjoyed in either a horizontal or vertical format, this series includes all glass mosaics as well as combinations of white Carrara marble paired with our best-selling Villi coordinating colors. There are seven different styles, including 3 colors, one all-glass mix and three glass/Carrara marble mixes. Make your next statement with Villi’s glass diamonds! Arabesques: Hip and retro at the same time, Villi’s Arabesque mosaics bring this ageless, yet newly popular shape to your most highly designed spaces. Our Arabesques come in six colors with a combination of structured and glossy finishes and are available in an all glossy version in our stunning Silver Grey color. The structured/glossy mosaics are a mix of 1/3rd structured pieces randomly placed with 2/3rds glossy pieces to create a visually captivating effect. All Villi colors can be special ordered in our Arabesque shape in either all glossy or structured/glossy versions. Hexagons: Villi’s large Hexagons deliver a beautiful look, especially with the versatility of using glossy, matte or both, in areas where these deep colors and a statement-making shape is desired.


River Puzzle, Baby River, Diamond, Basket Weave, Arabesques, Hexagons








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