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This is the story of an encounter. A story that tells of diversities and opposites. Bold, precious, uncontaminated, elegant and pure marble. Coarse, poor, irregular earth marked by time and man, this allows it to acquire its balance and sophistication that makes it unique. Two distinct worlds that have have always been distinct and opposite visions.Fascinated by contrasts and by contradictions, 41zero42 has developed the theme of “opposites”: rich/poor, elegant/ shabby and conventional/unusual. We started from two distant worlds to finally build one common reality, driven by a strong awarenes that only analyzing differences can help you understand and comprehend ourselves an the world that surrounds us. Two materials: Earth, in four different colours (Ivory, Grey, Smoke and Olive) and the timeless elegance of Marble, in white and black, with bold veins on an absolutely pure surface. Tiles for every material/colour with a rich range of sizes such as: 60×60, 30×60, 20×20, 7,5×60,hexagon, French fishbone and Provence; all this to give an extensive range of interpretation to each and individual material. Two entities, two elements, that can live singularly or together, contaminating and holding hands just like two companions who have found a winning balance.


Terra Avorio, Terra Grigio, Terra Fumo, Terra Olivia, Marmo Bianco, Marmo Nero


Field, Plank, Esagona, Chevron, Mosaic


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