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Sustainable, pre-grouted cementine style 12×24″ porcelain field tiles.

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Collection Overview

Inspired by traditional artisan majolica, Landmark’s Portuguese combines the charm of centuries’ old craftsmanship with the modern appeal of contemporary design. The design of Portuguese is inspired by colorful motifs of traditional patterns, and geometrical shapes of refined and sparkling creativity. Portuguese colors are made out of a 12”x24” size tile with a dedicated 4”x4” molded grooves to replicate the ancient shape of precious Portuguese tiles. Inspired by handmade “cementine” Landmark’s Florentine strikes a balance between the allure of past traditions and the appeal of modern living. Florentine is defined by its diverse color palette, its rich Italian heritage and the unique combinations of historical patterns and geometrical motifs, ultimately redefining the centuries old tradition of decorations. Florentine colors are made out of a 12”x24” size tile with a special 6”x6” molded grooves that revisit the distinctive features of cement look tiles. Deco provides a variety of looks and colors, ranging from cooler atmospheres of contemporary design, to warmer, homely settings. Landmark brings new energy into the world of interior decorations, drawing from motifs of historical significance, to redefine modern elegance. Versatile decorations and colors for unique partitions, decorative walls and floorings; the ideal choice for contemporary decoration with the superb performance of porcelain tile. Perfect for wall and floor coverings of refined homes, shops, cafés, light commercial spaces and just about anywhere you can imagine. Florentine lets designer and homeowners create refined combinations of stylish elegance by playing with contrasting colors and imaginative mixes of surfaces and patterns. Every color of Florentine is studied to perfectly blend in with most of the other porcelain tiles collections made in Landmark.


Portuguese Azulejos, Portuguese Golden, Portuguese Black&White, Portuguese Eclectic, Florentine Black&White, Florentine Mix Warm, Florentine Mix Cold








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