Custom Collection by Bison Brick

Custom, handmade, Sustainable stoneware brick, available in 50 colors and 29+ formats.

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Collection Overview

Bison Brick is made by hand in our Los Angeles studios, where we are proud to continue Southern California’s long tradition of art ceramics. The special look and feel of Bison Brick comes directly from our handmade process. Made for you in small batches by skilled craftsmen, every single piece has its own unique character. We use only real brick clay and the traditional wire cut process. Bison Brick is available in over 50 studio glazes, from bright glossy whites to modern moody blues and greens. We also make Bison Brick in those classic reds and oranges from glazed brick projects of the past.


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Sugar Cane, Ganache, Azure, Latte, Cast Iron, Unglazed, Matador, Geneva, Curry, Flame, Chutney, Bark, Gold Rush, Cumin, Neptune, Linseed, Olivine, Galaxy, Night Sky, Key Largo, Bronze, Morrow Bay, Bottle Green, Milk Paint, Heather, Palm, Vapor, Waterfall, Pine, Waterspout, Tide Pool, Jasperite, Quick Silver, Matte White, Iron City, Chert, Matte Parchment, Fleece, Taconite, Wood Smoke, Glacier, Hematite, Matte Drift, Matte Galena, Gunmetal, Gravel, Matte Tungston, Black Brick


Brick – 2×2, Brick – 1×8, Brick – 2×8, Brick – 2×12, Brick – 2×4, Brick – 4×8, Brick – 4×12, Brick – 6×12, Brick – 4×4, Brick – 6×6, Brick – Triangle, Brick – 6" Hex, Brick – Picket, Brick – 3" Hex, Brick – Clover and Star, Brick – 3" Moroccan, Brick – 6" Moroccan, Trim Brick – Dome, Trim Brick – Notched Dome, Trim Brick – Scoop, Trim Brick – Mesa, Running Bond – 1×8, Herringbone – 1×8, Layered – 1×8/2×8 (loose), Stacked Herringbone – 1×8/2×8 (loose), Running Bond – 2×2 (mounted), Running Bond – 2×4 (loose), Alternating – 2×2/2×4 (loose), Layered – 1×8/2×8/4×8 (loose)




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