Artigiana by Sartoria

Uptempo, playful, creative, colorful and utilitarian tiles, with shells and trending colors.

Quoting Walter Gropius, Art is not a ‘profession’. There is no essential difference between the artists and the craftsmen. Both are united by the awareness of how proficiency in their craft is essential to make them blossom into art. Not surprisingly, the term ‘Opera’, from the Latin ŏpĕra meant as “work, activity”, is used regardless of whether our resulting object is more or less artistic. Because Artigiana is simply this: our work. We leave it to you to be the judges of which category the final result should be ascribed, we know what it was born from: Hands, Head and Heart.


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Antracite, Bianco, Blu, Ceruleo, Fumo, Mattone, Nero, Perla, Petrolio, Porpora, Rosa Scuro


Bricchi, Conchiglia, Quadrati, Esagona









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