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1″ Stone Tear SheetSpecification Tear Sheet for Natural Stone Options from Artaictechnical
1″ Vitreous GlassSpecification Sheet for 1″ Vitreous Glass by Artaiccatalogs
1/2″ Vitreous Glass Spec SheetSpecification Sheet for 1/2″ Vitreous Glass by Artaiccatalogs
2022 Encore CatalogComplete offering by Encore Ceramics. 2022 update.catalogs
3/4″ Vitreous GlassSpecification Sheet for 3/4″ Vitreous Glass by Artaiccatalogs
3/8″ Stone Tear SheetSpecification Tear Sheet for 3/8″ Natural Stone Tile Options from Artaictechnical
3/8″ Vitreous GlassSpecification Sheet for 3/8″ Vitreous Glass by Artaiccatalogs
3Lati CatalogCollection catalog for 3Lati by Quintessenzacatalogs
3Lati TechnicalTechnical Information for 3Lati by Quintessenzatechnical
41zero42 Collection Preview 202141zero42 does things a bit differently, even their collection promo’s are works of
41zero42 Spectre introduction VideoSpectre is a collection full of personality and prisms, and so is this introduction videovideo
65Parallelo CatalogCollection catalog for 65Parallelo by Leonardocatalogs
9/16″ Stone Tear SheetSpecification Tear Sheet for Natural Stone Options from Artaictechnical
Abstract CatalogCollection catalog for Abstract by Nemocatalogs
Afromosia CatalogCollection catalog for Afromosia by Coemcatalogs
Airtech CatalogCollection catalog for Airtech by Florimcatalogs
Allure CatalogCollection catalog for Allure by Italgraniticatalogs
Alnus CatalogCollection catalog for Alnus by Italgraniticatalogs
Alnus TechnicalTechnical information for Alnus by Italgranititechnical
Alter Ego CatalogCollection catalog for Alter and Ego by Provenzacatalogs
Amore CatalogThe Amore Catalog for Aroma, Gesso, Icona, Stile Collections from Imola.catalogs
Anthology CatalogCollection catalog for Anthology by Leacatalogs
Anthology TechnicalTechnical information for Anthology by Leatechnical
Antique Tile CatalogCollection catalog for Antique Tile by Country Floorscatalogs
Aquarel CatalogCollection catalog for Aquarel by Tonalitecatalogs
Aquarel TechnicalTechnical information for Aquarel by Tonalitetechnical
Ara CatalogCollection Catalog for Ara by Nemocatalogs
Arabesque CatalogCollection catalog for Arabesque by Artaiccatalogs
Architecture CatalogCollection catalog for Architecture by Casalgrandecatalogs
Architecture DOPDeclaration of Performace for Architecture by Casalgrande, informational technical
Architecture TechnicalTechnical information for Architecture by Casalgrandetechnical
Ardesia Mix CatalogCollection catalog for Ardesia Mix by Coemcatalogs
Arquitectos Arquitectura TechnicalTechnical information for Arquitectos and Arquitectura by Cincacatalogs
Arquitectos CatalogCollection catalog for Arquitectos by Cincacatalogs
Arquitectos/Arquitectura Cleaning and MaintenanceCleaning and Maintenance information for Arquitectos and Arquitectura by Cinca, informational technical
Arquitectura by CincaCollection catalog for Arquitecturacatalogs
Arrow CatalogCatalog for Arrow by Tonalitecatalogs
Arrow DOPDeclaration of performance for Arrow by Tonalite, informational technical
Artigiana CatalogCollection catalog for Artigiana by Sartoriacatalogs
Artwork CatalogCollection catalog for Artwork by Ceramica Magicacatalogs
Artwork DOPDeclaration of Performance for Artwork by Cermagica, informational technical
Artwork TechnicalTechnical information for Artwork by Ceramica Magicatechnical
Ashbury CatalogCollection Catalog for Ashbury by Market Collectioncatalogs
Ashbury SustainabilitySustainability information for Ashbury by Market Collectioninformational
Aspen CatalogCollection catalog for Aspen by Landmarkcatalogs
Aspen Tear SheetCollection tear sheet for Aspen by Landmarkcatalogs
Aspen TechnicalTEchnical information for Aspen by Landmarkcatalogs
Aster CatalogCollection catalog for Aster by Nemocatalogs
Aster CatalogCollection catalog for Aster by Nemocatalogs
Astoria CatalogCollection catalog for Astoria by Sonoma Market Collectioncatalogs
Astoria SustainabilitySustainability information for Astoria by Market Collectioninformational
Astoria TechnicalTechnical information for Astoria by Sonoma Market Collectiontechnical
Atelier Mosaics CatalogCollection catalog for Atelier Mosaics by Marble Systemscatalogs
Attitude by Leonardo CatalogCollection catalog for Attitude by Leonardocatalogs
Aziza CatalogCollection Catalog for Aziza by Nemocatalogs
Babachic CatalogCollection catalog for Baba Chic by Country Floorscatalogs
Basaltina CatalogCollection catalog for Basaltina by Casalgrandecatalogs
Basaltina DOPDeclaration of Performance for Basaltina by Casalgrande, informational technical
Basaltina TechnicalTechnical information for Basaltina by Casalgrandetechnical
BioAttitude CatalogCollection catalog for BioAttitude by Leacatalogs
BioAttitude DOPDeclaration of Performance for BioAttitude by Lea, informational technical
BioAttitude Tender SpecTender specification for BioAttitude by Leainformational
Bios Antibacterial Tile PromoFrom the innovative minds at Casalgrande Padana comes Bios Antibacterial® products. Rest easy knowing you’re
Bioselect CatalogCollection catalog for Bioselect by Leacatalogs
Bioselect DOPDeclaration of Performance for Bioselect by Lea, informational technical
Biscuit CatalogCollection catalog for Biscuit by 41zero42catalogs
Biscuit TechnicalTechnical information for Biscuit by 41zero42technical
Bison Brick CatalogGlaze and Shape Information for Bison Brickcatalogs
Bison Brick GlazesTechnical Information for Bison Brick Glazestechnical
Bloom CatalogCatalog for Bloom by Cincacatalogs
Bloom CatalogCollection catalog for Bloom by Cincacatalogs
Blox CatalogCollection catalog for Blox by Imolacatalogs
Boston CatalogCollection catalog for Boston by FAPcatalogs
Boulder CatalogCollection catalog for for Boulder by Casalgrandecatalogs
Boulder DOPDeclaration of Performance for Boulder by Casalgrande, informational technical
Boulder TechnicalTechnical information for Boulder by Casalgrandetechnical
Brick World CatalogCollection catalog for Brickworld by Landmarkcatalogs
Brick World TechnicalTechnical information for Brick World by Landmarktechnical
Brickworks CatalogCollection catalog for Brickworks by Casalgrandecatalogs
Brickworks CatalogCollection Catalog for Brickworks by Casalgrandecatalogs
Brickworks TechnicalTechnical information for Brickworks by Casalgrandetechnical
Bright Young Things CatalogCollection catalog for Bright young Things by New Ravennacatalogs
Bristol Brick CatalogCollection catalog for Bristol Brick by Rondinecatalogs
Bristol Brick DOPDeclaration of Performance for Bristol Brick by Rondine, informational technical
Bristol Brick TechnicalTechnical information for Bristol Brick by Rondinetechnical
Buy Local—Buy Smart FAQsWhy shop at TXD, return policy and tile variations. , faq txd-docs
Cape Cod CatalogCollection catalog for Cape Cod by Nemocatalogs
Care and Maintenance Guide A-ColorbloxCare Guide for Ara by Nemotechnical
Carriere du Kronos CatalogCollection catalog for Carriere du Kronoscatalogs
Casablanca 2.0 CatalogCollection catalog for Casablanca 2.0 by Nemocatalogs
Casablanca CatalogCollection Catalog for Casablanca by Nemocatalogs
Casalgrande DOPDeclaration of Performance for Casalgrande Products, informational technical
Castlestone CatalogCollection catalog for Castlestone by Piemmecatalogs
Castlestone TechnicalTechnical information for Castlestone by Piemmetechnical
Cementine B&W CatalogCollection Catalog for Cementine B&W by Fioranesecatalogs
Cementine Boho CatalogCollection Catalog for Cementine Boho by Fioranesecatalogs
Cementine Cocci CatalogCollection Catalog for Cementine Cocci by Fioranesecatalogs
Cementine Evo CatalogCollection Catalog for Cementine EVO by Fioranesecatalogs
Cementine OpenAir CatalogCollection catalog for Cementine OpenAir by Fioranesecatalogs
Cementine Shiny CatalogCollection Catalog for Cementine Shiny by Fioranesecatalogs
Cementine20 CatalogCollection Catalog for Cementine20 by Fioranesecatalogs
Cemento CatalogCollection Catalog for Cemento by Casalgrande Padanacatalogs
Cemento DOPDeclaration of Performance for Cemento Casalgrande, informational technical
Cemento TechnicalTechnical Information for Cemento by Casalgrande Padanatechnical
Ceramic is the safer option – no matter what!Some floors don’t deteriorate or expand… as long as they are maintained at a constant temperature. But ceramic does not contain plastic, it does not …video
Ceramic Tile for Indoor and Outdoor ApplicationsCeramic tile’s long-lasting durability, easy maintenance, and unique designs offer a limitless array of style options that provide both functionality and beautifully customized spaces. Tile …video
Ceramic Tile is a Safe ChoiceRegardless of application, there are many reasons why ceramic tile provides a low-maintenance, safe and eco friendly solution for your
CH1 ApplicationsApplication information for CH1 Suite Glass from Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH1 Suite Glass CatalogCollection Catalog for CH1 Suite Glass by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH10 ApplicationsApplication information for CH10 Eternal by Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH10 Eternal CatalogCollection Catalog for CH10 Eternal by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
Ch11 Align CatalogCollection catalog for CH11 Align from Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH11 ApplicationsApplication information for CH11 Align from Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH12 ApplicationsApplication information for CH12 Ashland and Halsted by Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH12 CatalogCollection catalog for CH12 Ashland and Halsted by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH14 ApplicationsApplication information for CH14 The Press by Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH14 CatalogCollection catalog for CH14 The Press by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH15 ApplicationsApplication information for CH15 Classic Statuario by Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH15 Classic Statuario CatalogCollection catalog for CH15 Classic Statuario by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH16 ApplicationsApplication information for CH16 Park Place by Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH16 InstallationInstallation information for CH16 Park Place from Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH16 Park Place CatalogCollection catalog for CH16 Park Place by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
Ch17 ApplicationsApplication Information for Chapter 17 Atlas by Jeffrey Courttechnical
Ch17 Atlas CatalogCollection Catalog for Ch17 Atlas by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH18 ApplicationsApplication information for CH18 Rotunda by Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH18 Rotunda CatalogCollection Catalog for CH18 Rotunda from Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
Ch2 ApplicationsApplication Information for Ch2 Vintage Studio by Jeffrey Courttechnical
CH2 Vintage StudioCollection Catalog for Chapter 2 – Vintage Studio by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH3 ApplicationsApplication Chart Information for Ch3 Stream Stone by Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH3 Stream StoneCollection catalog for CH3 Stream Stone by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH4 ApplicationsApplication information for CH4 Via by Jeffrey Courtinformational
Ch4 Via CatalogCollection Catalog for CH4 Via by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH5 Modern Mixer ApplicationsApplication information for Chapter 5 Modern Mixer by Jeffrey Court, informational technical
CH5 Modern Mixer CatalogCollection catalog for Chapter 5 Modern Mixer by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH5 Modern Mixer MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Chapter 5 Modern Mixer by Jeffrey Court, informational technical
CH6 ApplicationsApplication information for CH6 Reef Glass by Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH6 Reef Glass CatalogCollection catalog for CH6 Reef Glass by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH7 ApplicationsApplication information for CH7 Cubist from Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH7 Cubist CatalogCollection catalog for CH& Cubist from Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH7 Cubist Glass InstallGlass installation information for CH7 Cubist from Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH8 ApplicationsApplication information for CH8 Europa Arte by Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH8 Europa Arte CatalogCollection catalog for CH8 Europa Arte by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
CH9 ApplicationsApplication information for CH9 Arroyo by Jeffrey Courtinformational
CH9 Arroyo CatalogCollection catalog for CH9 Arroyo by Jeffrey Courtcatalogs
Charm Experience CatalogCollection Catalog for Charm Experience by Italgraniticatalogs
Charm Experience TechnicalTechnical Spec sheet for Charm Experience by Italgranititechnical
Charme EVO CatalogCollection catalog for Charme EVO by Landmarkcatalogs
Chelsea CatalogCollection catalog for Chelsea by Settecentocatalogs
Chester Plaid CatalogCollection Catalog for Chester Plaid by Marble Systemscatalogs
Chroma CatalogCollection catalog for Chroma (Renamed to Karma 2022) by Settecentocatalogs
CMine catalogCollection Catalog for CMine by Leonardocatalogs
co DR0563_2013
Color Market CatalogCatalog for Color MArket by Portobellocatalogs
Concrete CatalogCollection catalog for Concrete by Fioranesecatalogs
Concreto Slimtech 6mm TechnicalTechnical Information for Concreto Slimtech 6mm from Lea Ceramichetechnical
Concreto TechnicalTechnical Information for Concreto by Lea Ceramichetechnical
Concreto Zoom CatalogCollection Catalog for Concreto Zoom by Lea Ceramichecatalogs
Confetti CatalogCollection catalog for Confetti by Quintessenzacatalogs
Confetti TechnicalTechnical information for Confetti by Quintessenzatechnical
Contract CatalogCatalog for all Contract collections by Landmarkcatalogs
Contract Landmark TechnicalTechnical Information for Contract collections by Landmarktechnical
Cosmo CatalogCollection Catalog for Cosmo by 41zero42catalogs
Cosmo TechnicalTechnical information for Cosmo by 41zer42technical
Cotto Care & InstallationCare and Maintenance information for Cotto by Fragmenti, informational technical
Cotto CatalogCollection Catalog for Cotto by Fragmenticatalogs
Crackle CatalogCollection catalog for Crackle by Cincacatalogs
Crayons CatalogCollection catalog for Crayons by Settecentocatalogs
Crea-La CatalogCollection catalog for Crea-La by LaFaenzacatalogs
Cromia26 CatalogCollection catalog for Cromia26 by Quintessenzacatalogs
Crush CatalogCollection catalog for Crush by Leonardocatalogs
Cutting Guide – Frontier20Cutting guide for Frontier20 by Landmark, informational technical
Dakota CatalogCollection catalog for Dakota by Market Collectioncatalogs
Dakota SustainabilitySustainability information for Dakota by Market Collectioninformational
Dakota TechnicalTechnical information for Dakota by Sonoma Market Collectiontechnical
Dash CatalogCollection Catalog for Dash by Nemocatalogs
Deco World CatalogCollection Catalog for Deco World by Landmark Ceramicscatalogs
Deco XL CatalogCollection catalog for Deco XL by Landmark Ceramics.catalogs
Dimensions Waterjet CatalogCollection Catalog for Dimensions Waterjet by Marble Systemscatalogs
Dot CatalogCollection Catalog for Dot by Fioranesecatalogs
Dresscode CatalogCollection catalog for Dresscode by Setttecentocatalogs
Easy Cleaning from CincaCleaning information from Cincainformational
Elevenuance CatalogCollection catalog for Elevenuance by Tonalitecatalogs
Elisir Royal CatalogCollection catalog for Elisir Royal by Marca Coronacatalogs
Elisir Royal DOPDeclaration of Performance for Elisir Royal by Marca Corona, informational technical
Elisir Royal TechnicalTechnical information for Elisir Royal by Marca Coronatechnical
Elite CatalogCollection catalog for Elite by Landmarkcatalogs
Endless CatalogCollection Catalog for Endless by Leonardocatalogs
Esamarine CatalogCollection catalog for Esamarine by Tonalitecatalogs
Essential CatalogCollection catalog for Essential by Fioranesecatalogs
Essentials ApplicationsInstallation information for Essentials by Jeffrey Courttechnical
Essentials CatalogCollection catalog for Essentials by Jeffrey Court