About You

You want VALUE. Ceramic and stone have the highest perceived value and, according to independent studies, the lowest life-cycle cost of any wall or floor covering.

You are PRACTICAL and appreciate performance, durability and easy maintenance.

You love BEAUTY. Fire and clay or natural stone, tile has provided a simple, livable luxury for thousands of years.

You are an INDIVIDUALIST and realize that tile offers more design options and opportunity for self-expression than any other building material.

You demand HEALTHY products. Tile is pure, naturally hygienic and hypoallergenic – unlike alternative wall and floor coverings: manufactured from an array of synthetic materials, implicated in sick building syndrome and posing health, replacement and disposal problems.

You prefer GREEN products. Fireproof, recyclable and energy-saving, the Consumer Products Safety Commission and Environmental Protection Agency rate ceramic and stone among the most environmentally friendly building materials.